A winning team: charles, product engineer

Introducing a highly motivated, close-knit team that works together each day to design stylish, technical football products that let you have even more fun on the pitch.

Charles, Product Engineer



Tell us a bit about your job

I work in close collaboration with the project group (retail supplier, product manager, designer, communications team) and am responsible for making sure our latest products comply with the various quality, cost and lead-time specifications.
This also involves choosing the materials, constructions and processes, as well as performing product tests in the lab and in the field.

Charles, Product Engineer

What do you love about football?

The different phases of the game, the physical effort, the team spirit, the shared victories, doing a fun sport, and the friendliness.

Which club do you support and why? how long have you supported them?

Lille OSC, ever since I started playing football. It's the biggest club in the area and it's given me so many great times and the chance to see their star players blossom.


Who's your favourite player?