A winning team: david, field test engineer

Here, check out the portraits of a motivated, solid team that gets together every day to design football products for you that are ever more attractive and technical - so you can have even more fun on the pitch.




My parents played football, so I fell into it when I was little.

Can you describe your job in a few words

My role is to test products well before they are sold to approve them in use and therefore best meet the needs of our users, no matter their level.

Test climate chamber

What do you love about football?

I love EVERYTHING about football, I fell into it when I was really little, starting at age 4, so football is my life.
My teammates, the locker room, the competition, winning, losing... a tackle, a header, a dribble, a kick, a goal... IT'S ALL BEAUTIFUL #ilovefootball 

What club do you support? for how long and why?

The Lens Racing Club, the club that trained me, I was lucky enough to wear their jersey for 12 years.
Manchester United ever since Eric Cantona and FC Barcelona for the fabulous play and players that they have and that they had in the past.


A favourite player?

Cantona for his charisma
Zizou for the beauty of his technique
Messi for his genius on the pitch
Sergio Ramos for La Grinta


A last word from david...

Your favourite kipsta product and why?

The future football boot Viralto IV (arriving in 2021), a comfortable leather boot with a 2.0 style and the new fabric range CLR 900 which is truly a great success.