A winning team: emeric, kipsta certification lead.

Introducing a highly motivated, close-knit team that works together each day to design stylish, technical football products that let you have even more fun on the pitch.

Emeric, Testing Lead



What I love about football is that it brings people together and can be played anywhere, by anyone. 

Tell us a bit about your job

I'm both a field test engineer and Kipsta's certification lead.
My main role is to test football products (football and futsal) to make sure the product is suitable for how it will be used and who will be using it.
My job also involves clarifying our product range for customers through the product benefits (for example, showing the different studs on different football boots, or comparing the level of grip offered by different goalkeeper gloves).
These differences will guide customers towards a particular item based on the product benefits and the related scores.
At the same time, I'm responsible for the professional development of the team of field test engineers, and for scheduling, budgeting and vision for Kipsta's certification department.
Aside from that, I'm also a qualified sports coach and physical trainer with 7 years' experience. I played club football for 12 years at regional level. Thanks to my experience, I can respond to the problems faced by individuals and to the demands of clubs. I offer all sorts of free sports programmes designed for all levels and responding to different objectives. Follow my Instagram account Fit and Food Healthy to find out more.

Emeric, Testing Lead

What do you love about football?

What I love about football is that it brings people together and can be played anywhere, by anyone. It also makes people happy not just when they play it but also when they watch it.

Which club do you support and why? how long have you supported them?

I've supported the Girondins de Bordeaux since I was 8
My family have been supporters for many years. In 1998-99, when I was 8, I saw them win several matches, including the championship, and that got me even more hooked!!

Lloris panini

Who's your favourite player?

Hugo Lloris... because of his modesty and talent.