A winning team: florian, technical manager

Here, check out the portraits of a motivated, solid team that gets together every day to design football products for you that are ever more attractive and technical - so you can have even more fun on the pitch.

Florian, Technical Manager



What I love above all is to PLAY and win... and to play as a team and, of course, score goals.

Can you describe your job in a few words

I lead the technical team comprised of product engineers, field test engineers, and model makers to ensure their skill development in their fields.
I also guide the writing and implementation of Design Strategies for Kipsta and ensure there are the resources necessary to complete our product development projects.

Florian, Technical Manager

What do you love about football?

The outside of the foot, the simplicity of play, the collective efforts... but all that is only beautiful when it ends in victory!

What club do you support? for how long and why?

Barcelona in the Tiki Taka era!!!!!

Messi Panini

A favourite player?

Messi... obviously!!

Florian, Technical Manager

A last word from flo...

Your favourite kipsta product and why?

The rebounder... a product plan that I loved but which will never see the light of day ;-)
So I would say the football boot CLR900, since it suits me perfectly.