A winning team: françois xavier, product manager

Here, check out the portraits of a motivated, solid team that gets together every day to design football products for you that are ever more attractive and technical - so you can have even more fun on the pitch.


François xavier

And simply.... FIX

Football taught me humility, questioning, the desire to surpass my limits, and team spirit

Can you describe your job in a few words

I listen, I observe, I ask users to design, with the product team, products adapted to all players no matter their level.
I deal with products for goalkeepers, goals, and accessories.
The goal is to create technical and attractive products, but particularly ones that are accessible to all.

François Xavier and Jean Louis Leca

What do you love about football?

The collective, the desire to surpass one's limits, the shared experience. Everyone can play football - there are no boundaries, and it brings people together. Plus, what's greater than an unlikely block at the last minute to save a victory...

What club do you support? for how long and why?

The Lens Racing Club of course, my whole childhood with its joys and pains, but that's what football is.
A stadium that I saw change over time with all the different events that took place there, and that's without forgetting its exceptional fans.


A favourite player?

Gianluigi Buffon, the greatest of all, with a 25-year career, nearly 1000 pro matches, and still decisive.
Other than him, as a field player, Steven Gerrard: humility, class, and loyalty.


A last word from fix...

Your favourite kipsta product and why?

The F500 goalkeeper gloves, the best value for money on the market and which can be worn both by kids on the weekends and by professional players like Jean Louis Leca.