A winning team: frédéric, kipsta manager

Discover the faces of a motivated, close-knit team that comes together every day to create Football products that are more and more stylish and technical so that you have even more fun while out on the pitch.

A WINNING TEAM: Frédéric, Kipsta Manager



Being from Châteauroux, I had the opportunity to play in a professional club and to do all my training among players who later became pros. Today, football is a fun game that I play in many new forms (futsal, 7x7, five-a-side, etc).

Can you describe your job for us in a few words

My role is primarily to understand and identify the needs of different football players so that we can offer the best possible product response. Along with the rest of the team, our job is to overcome any and all problems football players around the world may encounter with reasonably priced products that are more stylish and technical than ever and Innovations that will simplify their everyday lives. In short, my role is to outline our approach and, therefore, define our collective goal,, to give us the means to succeed by prioritizing our development projects.
Anticipating what will make Kipsta, a brand that has made its mark on Football, and Decathlon a go-to platform for Football


What do you like about football?

The beauty of the game, the spirit of camaraderie, a shot off the crossbar that lands perfectly at your feet, a pass and move that leaves your opponent in the wind, a beautiful sliding tackle along the sideline without fouling, an attack on the ball at the edge of the penalty area, a nutmeg executed in your own penalty box...

What club do you support? since when and why?

My favourite club and training club: La berrichonne de Chateauroux and its stadium Stade Gaston Petit.
However, like many young people of my generation, I was a fan of OM in the 90s. Today, I like the style of clubs like Liverpool.


Have a favourite player?

For his style: Francescoli (only old-timers will understand)
For his technique: Zizou
For his demanding nature and long career: Cristiano