A winning team: jonathan, footwear product engineer

Discover the faces of a motivated, close-knit team that comes together every day to create Football products that are more and more stylish and technical so that you have even more fun while out on the pitch.

Jonathan Product Engineer



Can you describe your job for us in a few words

As a product engineer of footwear, it is my responsibility to guarantee the Cost-Quality-Time trio in all our new developing projects.
With the goal of satisfying the product manager's briefs, my primary role is to consider possible components and suggest the best ones, work alongside the designer to choose the dimensions and shapes of shoes, and test our shoes out on the pitch and in the lab with our certifying group , not to mention communicating and acting as the go-between for our suppliers and the project group.

Sami Field Test Engineer

What do you like about football?

The team spirit, the beauty of the game and the joy that it brings to people. Of course, bending the ball, a sidestep, and even the celebration after a goal are a definite plus! 

What club do you support? since when and why?

Being from Nancy, I have to say ASNL. But my favourite club is FC Bayern Munich. It's a historical club that my family has always followed and supported. The first jersey I received as a gift was a Bayern jersey. I had the opportunity to attend some matches at the Allianz Arena, what a blast!

Torres panini

Have a favourite player?

Without a doubt, Fernando Torres. A real 9, an elegant player with an incredible record. 
My role model.
Then, it's Ronaldinho.. Ronnie is Ronnie!

Jonathan Product Engineer

One last thing jonathan...

Your favourite kipsta product and why?

The upcoming kids' CLR 900 FG shoes. A real gem that I hope causes a stir. It's my first baby for the brand, it's also a beautiful team project that brought together many different trades. Otherwise, a current product that I'll mention is the kids' Agility 500 Mid-Rise Shoes , which have a wider range of sizing to better fit kids' feet.