A winning team: sami, field test engineer

Discover the faces of a motivated, close-knit team that comes together every day to create Football products that are more and more stylish and technical so that you have even more fun while out on the pitch.

Sami Field Test Engineer



Can you describe your job for us in a few words

My role is to test the products before their commercialization to ensure that they function correctly and exceed the expectations of all our users, no matter their skill level.
My job is to have the products tested by athletes before their commercialization and analyse the results to ensure they are working correctly and determine their product advantages.

Test with our technical partners
Sami Field Test Engineer

What do you like about football?

The team spirit, the competition and especially the trash talk!!!

What club do you support? since when and why?

OM! The ONLY team to win the UEFA Champions League and who, like me, drive straight to the goal!
The France national football team too because I'm proud to be so well represented by my country in this sport.

Ronaldinho panini

Have a favourite player?

Ronaldinho made me love football!