A winning team: thierry, product manager

Here, check out the portraits of a motivated, solid team that gets together every day to design football products for you that are ever more attractive and technical - so you can have even more fun on the pitch.




Football taught me real values such as fair play and respect

Can you describe your job in a few words

My role is to observe the needs of football players, as well as market trends, to then build a range of products that meet their needs with the best value and technical features.
My 1st goal is, above all, for players to be proud to wear Kipsta products.


What do you love about football?

Its team spirit, competition, the fun side (with the ball), the atmosphere in the locker room!

What club do you support? for how long and why?

FC Nantes, has always been THE club that, at the time, best represented the idea that I had about football (its training, its team play, etc.).
I also think about Manchester United, which is the club that I dream of, particularly because of the team spirit led by Sir Alex Ferguson: the Red Devils that let nothing go!
And of course the Equipe de France!


A favourite player?

In the past, I loved following Eric Cantona and Patrice Loko
For a long time, they have been players that inspired and fascinated me.


A last word from thierry...

Your favourite kipsta product and why?

The CLR football jersey! the quality of an authentic professional jersey at only 25€!
It really represents Kipsta's team spirit and new direction: ATTRACTIVE, TECHNICAL, and ACCESSIBLE! One day, I hope to see an elite club playing with...