Playing a short pass

Playing a volleyed backheel flick (pigeon wing)

Want to know how to play a volleyed backheel flick (pigeon wing)? Our video will show how to master this outrageous piece of skill.

Video transcription:

As well as being pretty classy, the volleyed backheel flick is useful in lots of different ways: controlling the ball, flicking a ball for you to run on to, playing a pass, and even shooting.

To play a volleyed backheel flick and bring some joie de vivre into your game, you need to hit the ball in mid-air with the outside of your boot or your heel and with your leg bent.

When making contact with the ball, your foot must be higher than your knee. It's known in some countries as a "pigeon wing" because that's the shape your bent leg takes when striking the ball. Give it a go!

To practise the volleyed backheel flick, stand in front of a teammate and take turns throwing the ball up hip high. Use the trick to control the ball and then catch it. Throw the ball at hip height to your teammate, and keep on practising.

Once you've mastered this drill, move on to playing the ball into your path : Get your teammate to throw you the ball while you're running and use the volleyed backheel flick to knock the ball down so you can run on to it.

Playing a pass

When it comes to football tricks and flicks, the volleyed backheel flick is pretty versatile.

The volleyed backheel flick can be used to play the ball first time and to lay it off to teammates without having to change foot or the direction you're facing. Whether you're new to the game or working on your technique, our video will show you how to add the volleyed backheel flick to your skill set.

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Now that you've got the hang of the volleyed backheel flick, there's nothing you can't do. It's time to head out to the training ground or watch our next video to work on the one-two.

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