Five-minute cardio session for football

Five-minute cardio session

With football about to resume, are you looking to work on your cardio fitness without it taking up too much time? Because let's face it, there's lots to do during the holidays. Got five minutes to spare to develop your cardiovascular capacity?
Here's my cardio routine for the layoff period.

I want to point out first of all that my routine will allow you to maintain your fitness levels so that you can get right back into training. One thing it's not going to do is help you beat your personal bests. 
It is just a five-minute session and though it's effective, it's not going to work miracles. 

45 Seconds of effort, 15 seconds of rest

The theory behind this type of circuit is to string some exercises together, with some very short rest periods in between. We'll be switching between 45 seconds of effort and 15 seconds of rest. Let's get started!

The session

Let's kick off with 45 seconds of jumping jacks followed by 15 seconds of rest.  

Next comes 45 seconds of high steps (knees up to your stomach) and 15 seconds of rest. 

Then it's 45 seconds of jumping jacks again and 15 seconds of rest. 

Back to 45 seconds of high steps and 15 seconds of rest. 

And finally another 45 seconds of jumping jacks. 


If that seems a little too easy for you, take a break for 90 seconds and then do a second round. If it's really, really easy, then just do without the break altogether.

I'll be back soon for my second five-minute routine for the holiday period, which involves some muscle strengthening. 


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