Football: the perfect activity for the holidays! 

School holidays are just around the corner, and you're looking for an activity for your child? Stop looking, we have just what you need….          

School holidays are just around the corner, and you're looking for an activity for your child? Stop looking, we have just what you need….


Football during the holidays, simple but very effective!  

During the school holidays, your child needs an outlet. When school is on break, sports clubs stop and without competitions and training sessions, the days can drag on. 

Football keeps them busy, helps them have fun, encourages friendships and creates opportunities to have real holiday adventures that they'll be excited to recount when they return to school!



Football at the neighbourhood pitch, a classic option that never grows old

There are several ways to play football during the holidays. The first is to invest in a good ball and a decent pair of football boots suitable for your neighbourhood pitch so that your kids can play as long as they want. 

Who among us didn't enjoy these long summer days when you could play for hours on end? Who remembers the famous "last goal" that would seem to last forever and the path you ran down to get home before curfew?



Signing up for a school or lessons

Football lessons or schools are another good alternative during holidays. There are numerous schools that offer year-round instruction or one- or two-week courses during the summer break.

This option, while more costly, allows your child to meet new people, discover a new way of understanding football and, most importantly, have fun with other sport enthusiasts. You may also see a benefit here because, just like a day-care centre, you can entrust your little footballer to the professionals at the academy and go about your day with peace of mind.


Renting a five-a-side or futsal pitch

Between Champions League matches, you can also take your budding footballer to a complex offering five-a-side football or futsal pitch rental, and why not bring along a few of their friends. The pitches are much smaller, so you won't need a big group to have fun. You can even play with your kids, their friends and your own! It's a great way for football-lovers of all generations to spend time. 

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