Four essential football products for your holiday

Four essential football products for your holiday

You don't have to stop living out your passion just because you're on holiday.

About to go on holiday and want to take a little bit of football away with you? Stay right there because I've got just what you need.

With the major league championships coming to a belated end this summer and the Champions League still to come, we've rarely had so much summertime football. So why not keep on playing on holiday?


A ball for all pitches

I recommend you take a pretty hardwearing ball with you for playing on all types of surfaces. If you're playing barefoot, for example, a foam ball won't hurt your feet. Fancy a quick game of beach soccer? 


An inflatable net for scoring goals wherever you want.

Playing football is great, but it's always better with a real football goal. There are portable goals on the market that take just a few seconds to blow up. Developed by Kipsta, the Air Kage Pump has a built-in pump that makes it quick and easy to inflate. With its top corners and posts, it's perfect for matches and challenges. So get out there and get playing. 


One bag for everything

When you go on holiday, take a backpack that you can use to carry your football gear (ball, inflatable goal, etc.) and your everyday things. Having just the one bag for everything is a lot more practical. 

Kipsta has designed a range of bags with compartments for your sports gear and for the rest of your things. Want to check out the range? Then take a look below. 


The very best kit

Though they're not essential, your favourite Kipsta shorts and tops are great to wear, so don't forget to pack them. They're designed for playing football and they wick away perspiration, which means they're also great for taking a walk when it's hot. 

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