How to choose your football

How to choose your beginner's football 

Advice on choosing a ball for players new to football.

Size, type of pitch, frequency of use... we'll tell you everything you need to know.

There are a number of factors involved when deciding which football to buy when you're new to the game, such as weight, size and the pitches you'll be playing on. Check out our advice below and make your choice.



Light footballs

All the balls in the Beginner's range are designed for players who are learning the game and are looking to enjoy themselves first and foremost. 

They are all lighter than conventional balls of the same size and give younger players a better feel of the game and a chance to get the ball airborne and hit the top corner. Lighter in weight they are less likely to cause injury.




The pitch: a key criteria

The main criteria to take into consideration is the surface you're going to play on. That will determine whether you need a hard-wearing ball or not.

If you're going to play on a flat surface where there is no risk of the ball being punctured, then choose something from the Sunny 300 range. 

If you need a versatile ball for all kinds of surfaces, then take a look at the Ballground range, also available in foam. They're perfect for playing on grass, artificial turf and pavements. 

Playing on grass or artificial turf only? Then choose a ball from the F100 light or Softball ranges. These balls most closely resemble training balls. They're just a bit lighter. 




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