How to choose your football?

How to choose your training ball? 

Advice on how to choose the right football for you.

Size, type of pitch, frequency of use... we'll give you the complete lowdown!

There are several factors to take into account when choosing a football boot, among them the age of the players, the surface, the need for durability and versatility. Check out our advice below and make your choice.



The age of the players

The most important thing to bear in mind when choosing the size of your ball is the age of the players.

- size 3 for under-8s

- size 4 for 8- to 12 year-olds

- size 5 for older children

Playing with the right-sized ball helps children develop their motor skills.


Durable, versatile, for matches...

The choice will essentially come down to what you are looking for, such as more or less durability or stability. 

If you are looking for a versatile, entry-price ball that meets national FA weight and size regulations, then go for a machine-stitched ball. 

If you are looking for a ball that offers the best possible balance between comfort, durability and lasting ball pressure for your training sessions and matches, then choose a hybrid. It offers increased durability thanks to the inner stitching, which does not come into contact with the ground, and greater comfort with its foam inserts in the cover. 

For your matches and competitions, opt for a heat-sealed ball. As well as being perfectly spherical, it guarantees a straight path and perfect feel.

Every ball in the Kipsta range complies with official regulations in terms of size, weight, roundness, bounce, water absorption and durability.

How to choose your training ball


Football specialist

Once you've chosen your sole, you have two options: leather boots for a better feeling or synthetic boots that are lighter.