Chaussure de football INCREDIBLE Kipsta


The all new Incredible football boot

An INNOVATIVE boot in more ways than one

Sadly for many football players, there isn’t a pair of boots on the market that can come through a full season of intensive use (three to four training sessions a week) in good condition. But with its Incredible boots, Kipsta has come up with a solution to this age-old problem. The boot is the result of extensive work conducted by the brand’s R&D centre, which has been supported in its task by its suppliers, who are accustomed to working on luxury and automotive products.  

Our design teams devised a unique manufacturing process to combat the problem of sole separation.

After contemplating the idea of a stitched sole, they decided to create a multi-layer boot, with a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) sole sandwiched between layers of TPU-reinforced fabric.

The sole is an integral part of the boot and not a component that is merely glued to the rest of it. This prevents it from separating from the upper. This unique process, which the brand has patented, makes use of cutting-edge shoe manufacturing technologies to create the Incredible.

A solid and comfortable boot: a challenge in itself

One of the problems we encountered can be summed up as follows: how to create an ultra-hardwearing shoe that is still comfortable to wear?  Though there are no similar boots on the market for comparison, footwear that claims to be hardwearing is often very rigid and not very comfortable.  

With this particular boot, we have tried to respond to the needs of football players (feel, support, grip, etc), just as we would with a conventional boot, but with one key difference: with the Incredible, Kipsta has achieved the not inconsiderable feat of combining comfort with durability. As a result, you can play all season long and beyond with these boots, which are also lighter than the average boot on the market: 230g in a size 9.5.


An extraterrestrial in the football boot market

The challenge facing Kipsta (aside from expanding its range by creating new and even better products) is to adopt a position based on a pledge that no other brand has yet been able to fulfil: to offer its users a boot that is more hardwearing than a standard football boot.

The days of buying three pairs of moulded boots a season are over. With the Incredible, players can now wear the same boot for longer, which saves them from having to make repeat purchases.

An award-winning boot

The Incredible won Kipsta the Paris Innovation Club's "Team Best Practice" award in the products and services category.

A boot co-designed with players

The boot is currently undergoing its final practical tests. Throughout the design process we were in close contact with a panel of football players, identifying needs, areas of improvement and any other changes we could make to offer our customers a boot with a quality seal of approval.  

A boot made in France

While the popular belief is that most sports footwear is made in Asia, that is not the case with the Incredible, which will be manufactured entirely in France, in Nantes to be exact. 

Stepping out in summer 2020

The Incredible will go on sale in summer 2020 and will retail at around 70 euros (a very reasonable price given the quality of the boot and its ground-breaking innovation ). It will be available at selected Decathlon stores.