The 5 benefits of football

Junior football: the 5 benefits of football

What are the advantages of football for your child's health? Here are 5 benefits of football, for both body and mind.

Football is a simple, universal sport. 
Beyond being a ball sport, it's an activity that works on endurance and cardio through sequences of running.
Football movements and techniques are physically demanding and help build tone and coordination.
And as a good team sport, football has many benefits for mental development!

The 5 benefits of football

1/ Improve your endurance with football

Football is a team sport based on running.

In addition to sending free kicks into the top corner, or tackling anything that passes midfield, you'll benefit from a great endurance workout.

As part of a regular football practice, matches and training will help to improve your cardiac and respiratory capacities.

2/ Football: gain resistance

Although you run during a football match, it's not a simple jog! Unless you're spending the whole time on the sidelines, which we hope isn't true, you'll spend the match at the whims of all of the many changes of pace of the game.

Depending on your position, you can even string together acceleration and back-and-forth movements. No time to catch your breath, you're waiting for the next stop in play!

This repetition of acceleration and sprinting helps to improve your resistance as well as your endurance.

The 5 benefits of football

3/ Advantages of football for your body

In football, you don't just play with your feet!

As with many team sports, you're using your entire body.

When diving if you're the goalkeeper, or during aerial play for the rest of the team, you draw on balance and relaxation.

Running and accelerating work on your speed, which is one of the keys to the sport.

Finally, playing a ball sport without your hands will do wonders for your dexterity!

4/ The collective benefits of football

Football is not just a matter of being in shape, it's also a matter of formation.

Whether 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, football requires team spirit and solidarity. Respect for tactics and your partners, as well as communication on the field, all strengthen your team. It's a sport that teaches you that the quality and potential of a group are more than the sum of each individual talent.

In a solid formation devoted to the collective, you can win against a stronger team. And that feels pretty awesome.


The 5 benefits of football

5/ Football: technical and physical benefits

With football, you work on a number of movements and techniques that improve your physical shape.

First of all, running and controlling a ball with your feet at the same time improves your coordination immensely!  Running, jumping, and striking help to strengthen your thighs, glutes, and abs.
What's more, those many technical movements help foster your proprioception and flexibility.

And as a goalkeeper, you stimulate your reflexes, anticipation, and agility.
In muscle tone, flexibility, and coordination, your entire body benefits from football.

For endurance or agility, for your body or your mind, football is as beneficial as it is fun. And you? What benefits do you get from the ball?

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