Amateur football: first educators, now managers!

For this project, the publishing and communications company has paired up with KIPSTA, which also values a close relationship with amateur football, while striving to be useful to its players.

With 11 years of experience and expertise providing advice and assisting football educators through the publication of their magazine Vestiaires, RC média is launching its first educational media for amateur football managers.

A completely free bi-monthly informational letter (20 issues from September to June) with the goal of helping supporters manage their team, while promoting good practices in this sport.


Julien gourbeyre, director of rc media:

"For several years now, we have been approached by club presidents who wanted a useful, educational read in the same lane as our review for educators. Now it's done!

In a climate that has become more and more difficult for amateur clubs, especially as their staffing and financial resources have been cut, we wanted to offer entirely free media that, as in the purest tradition of the Vestiaires magazine, fulfilled a threefold purpose: advise, inspire and lastly, build competence.

There's no better partner in this project than a brand like Kipsta who has also spent years investing in amateur football with its authentic, innovative, educational approach."


Frédéric boistard, kipsta brand manager: 

"At Kipsta, our mission is to be useful to footballers, whether they're passionate beginners, seasoned players, professionals or even managers. Every day, our 50 contributors as well as our partners work towards innovating and designing increasingly technical and beautiful products, offered at the most accessible price.

Our commitment to football is also demonstrated through partnerships on a subject we hold dear. That's what really drew us into the project "Vestiaires dirigeants", which we are very proud of and excited to support. We are convinced that it will provide very helpful and long-awaited answers to the thousands of volunteer managers that are the lifeblood of football in France.  

We are also convinced that there's no better team than Vestiaires to spearhead such a project and that their expertise, which has been proved by the success of their educational magazine over the last 11 years, is also a valuable asset."

Kipsta and Vestiaires Dirigeants