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KIPSTA has been designing products suited to players of both sexes, for all levels, for more than 20 years.
Take a look at the KIPSTADIUM in Tourcoing in the North of France. It is the world-wide research and development centre for the design and development of all football-related products under the brand name of KIPSTA. 


kipsta...already MORE THAN 20 years

KIPSTA was the Decathlon group's brand name for products related to team sports, encompassing football/soccer, basketball, rugby, volleyball, handball, field hockey, cricket and baseball.
Since 2016, the KIPSTA brand name has been reserved exclusively for Decathlon's football products.

For more than 20 years we have been designing and producing products for soccer players, both men and women, boys and girls, whatever their age and whatever their skill level.

For more than 20 years our experienced design teams have been developing products that help you take full advantage of your passion for the game, whatever your level.

KIP for "équipe" (French for "team") and STA for "stade" (French for "stadium")!
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The KIPSTADIUM in Tourcoing in the North of France is the world-wide research and development centre for the design and development of all football-related products under the brand name of KIPSTA.
Our design team comprises football players who are passionate about the game - engineers, designers and product managers - complemented by a test centre for validating and certifying all new products.
It's this made in France know-how that we incorporate into all our products so that you can be playing, at whatever level, with equipment that is a pure concentration of design and technology at really competitive prices.

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Technical, long-lasting and accessible are the standards to be followed in designing new products for football and footballers.
Not forgetting innovation, which is fully part of our DNA.
Our design team, our engineers, our product managers and our modellers are completely devoted to listening to and observing football players of both sexes.
The result: a complete range of products, regularly extended, designed to meet the requirements and expectations of today's football-playing population.
This range includes boots, the ball itself, apparel and outfits, protective accessories, undergarments, kit-bags, socks, and even specific items for coaches.
All products are designed with the ultimate aim of producing long-lasting pleasure and healthy-living benefits for the greatest number of those who enjoy the wonderful game of Football.

KIPSTA Product designer

The 4 stages in the design and production of a product

Check out the 4 key stages in the design and production of a Kipsta product, from identifying the need to the arrival of the item in a Decathlon store.

1. identifying the need

The development of a new product starts with the product manager drafting and presenting a set of specifications to the appropriate product designers and engineers.
The product manager will have spent several weeks understanding the requirements which the new product range will need to meet. For this, insights will be gleaned by observing games in action and from advice and suggestions from customers.


2. designing the product

The design stage now follows. Here, the designer team takes the requirements on board and proposes several different designs, whereas the ’product engineers will think about the most appropriate components for the various designs and which meet the cost and quality demands but also in terms of the lead-time to get to market.
A few months later, the first prototypes are ready for evaluation. On the basis of this assessment, the project group will decide in which direction to proceed: validate the new product creation and proceed to manufacture, or abandon the project.
Then it will be possible to present an almost complete prototype in several colours to the project team.


3. test stages prior to launching the product

All prototypes are subjected to several tests, for example by customers to check the fitting, or in our laboratories, for more stringent testing. The results are evaluated in order to validate the various components and to be assured of the quality of the product.
A number of points still need to be addressed, and durability tests are carried out by our test centre. Such tests are carried out with partner clubs, and with our own academy, but also with our Test Community in order to be quite sure of the product quality and that it meets the requirements that were set out at the beginning of the project.

KIPSTA Product designer

4. the manufacturing stage

If the model meets all the technical and design criteria, the product is approved. The manufacturing phase starts.
The initial production run is used to validate the final production steps, and to be sure that there are no snags in the industrial stage process.
But a product going on the shelves doesn't mean that the project is over. One final study "post-purchase" is conducted after a few weeks to analyse the initial feedback and ensure the product has had the desired effect among customers.


Test our products before they get launched on the market

If you would like to take part in product tests prior to the product going on the market, join the Football Test Community team on our Facebook page. Such testing takes place at the Kipstadium.