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At Kipsta, we firmly believe that football tips need to be given BY football fans FOR football fans.

In our eyes, a football fan is someone who is passionate about football and who plays the game for fun or competitively or both. Football fans want to be involved in the game or get back into it if they haven't played for a while. They play every variation of the game (11-a-side, futsal, 5-a-side, beach soccer, etc) and they range in age from junior to veteran.

As an everyday football brand, Kipsta is a team-mate with expertise in a number of areas and puts sharing at the heart of its relationship with its users.

Our goal is to share our experience, expertise, everyday knowledge and our tips.

At, you won’t find dry advice penned by so-called experts but tips from genuine fans of the game, from specialists in a particular position, form of the game or specific function in the game, and from professional football players, who are the brand’s technical partners

Their goal? To share their everyday experiences on the pitch, in the changing rooms and post match.

There are a whole host of football lovers who can help me create advice content in print and on video: product leaders, product engineers, supply managers, brand designers, KIPSTADIUM instructors, DECATHLON employees, technical partners, ambassadors, and recreational football players.

Every moment of the football experience matters: before, during and after the game.

So make sure you contact us with all your advice ideas. You can write to us at: [email protected]

Sofiane Kipsta


Advice editor KIPSTA

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