7 ideas for playing football in the garden 

Football is a universal game and if you're lucky enough to have a garden, then you can keep on playing...  


Football is a universal game and if you're lucky enough to have a garden, then you can keep on playing...

Accuracy when shooting at goal  

Crossbar Challenge

For this game you need a goal suitable for the garden (solid or inflatable). The aim is to hit the crossbar with the ball as many times as you can in a period of 15 seconds. Playing this game can become an obsession, but you can spend many pleasant hours playing with the family!

Shooting to hit a target

You may also use a particular target as the goal. The idea is to award points for shots hitting different parts of the goal, with each player having a set number of attempts. Let the fun begin! You can play this game on your own or with the family. If you're playing on your own, set yourself a total that you have to achieve in a certain number of attempts. Playing together, see who can score the most points from a set number of shots.


Revolving contest with a goalkeeper

Revolving contest with a goalkeeper

Let's be honest, this is not rocket science, but it can be very exciting and really enjoyable.

The aim is to be the last player still with some points. Each player starts with a set number of points, say 5 or 10, for example. You need at least three players: 1, 2, 3 and so on. Player 1 goes in goal and Player 2 takes the ball. Player 2 shoots and if successful, Player 1 loses a point and Player 2 gets to shoot again. If Player 1 saves the ball or Player 2 misses, Player 2 has to pass the ball to Player 3 and rush into the goal, with Player 3 trying to score past Player 2. You need to go as fast as you can when passing and receiving the ball. The last player with points remaining is the winner.

Goal to goal 

Goal to goal

You need two sets of goal posts for this game, such as two inflatable goals or a pop-up and an inflatable one. Players start the game with the same points total, say ten. You need to mark out the halfway line with the aid of a sweater, string, chalk or marker tape. The aim is to try and score a goal against your opponent, who loses a point every time you score.Your opponent's hands and arms may not be used to prevent a goal. When the ball leaves your half of the pitch, your opponent owns the ball even if you have not been able to put in a shot (for example, when the force of the opponent's previous shot rebounds back into the opponent's half again). The first to concede 10 goals (corresponding to the number of points with which each player starts) is deemed the loser.

Football at home

Practise your ball-juggling skills

Ball-juggling skills

Here the idea is to pass the ball without it hitting the ground and to score a goal, again without the ball touching the ground. First, you need to decide on the number of points to be given for a goal, depending on the part of the body used to score the goal.

For example, if a player is predominantly right-footed, a goal scored with the right foot counts one point. Then a goal scored with the left foot counts two points, one scored with the head three points and a goal scored with an acrobatic leap four points.

Brazilian brilliance

This very popular game has a name that leaves no doubt about its origins! It couldn't be simpler either.The aim is for players to pass the ball to each other for as long as possible without letting it touch the ground. If that's too difficult, then you can let the ball bounce once before passing

The juggling competition

Keepy-ups competition

You can't talk about football in the garden without mentioning keepy-ups competitions. You can spice things up by bringing in an alternate-leg or a headers-only rule Here's some advice for more experienced practitioners of the art: tell your opponent to go and find something useful to do while it's your turn. After all, it might be a while before you let the ball hit the ground.


For all you showboaters out there

Nutmegs competition

Let's round things off with something for showboaters: a nutmegs competition. You don't need a lot of space to play in. To spice things up make a challenge of it or have a bet with your opponent. It'll make things more fun.