Scoring with a side-foot

Taking a penalty

How do you find the back of the net from the penalty spot? Watch our video on the art of penalty-taking and practise beating the keeper from the spot.

Scoring a goal

The last of our goal-scoring videos looks at an absolute classic: the penalty!

Whether you're having a kick-about with friends or playing a match, penalties are something everyone likes to try their hand at. If you want to learn the football basics, or if you completely missed your last shooting practice, we recommend our video all about penalties.

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Video transcript:

In football, you give away a penalty if you commit a foul in the penalty area. But as we're looking at shooting today, let's flip the problem on its head.

If you're fouled in the opponents' penalty area, you get a penalty. Start your one-on-one with the goalkeeper by positioning the ball on the penalty spot, which is 11 metres from the goal.

Obviously, the aim for you is to score, although your opponent on the goal line probably has other ideas about that. Since you're nice and close to the goal, we recommend shooting with the inside of your foot. If you want to hone this skill, check out our video on side-footing.

Now that the ball is on the spot, ready to fly into the back of the net, position yourself 3 steps behind the ball and 2 steps to the side, depending on which foot you kick with: if you shoot with your right, take 2 steps to the left, whereas if you'll be kicking with your left foot, your 2 steps should be to the right.

To better your odds, aim for one of the corners of the goal, either along the ground past the post, or in the top corner. A mid-height kick is easier for the goalkeeper to save, and is less likely to turn you into the hero of the match.

As you take your shot, the opposing keeper will try to anticipate where you're aiming by watching where you're looking and where your body is facing. To disguise your aim right up to the very last minute, don't let your eyes linger on your target, and angle your shooting foot as late as possible. If you see the keeper pick a side and dive before you've taken your kick, aim at the open side. It's more effective than aiming at their gloves.


You now know how to shoot from the penalty spot and put your best foot forward in all circumstances. All that's left is to put it into practice on the pitch, or watch our next video on chipping.

Merwen, Team Decathlon Writer

Merwen, team decathlon writer

Playground fanatic, passionate about basketball courts, swimming enthusiast, and general sports lover.

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