The 8 best sports video games

The 8 best sports video games

Whether it's a pure video game or it involves a little bit of sport IRL, at least one of the ideas in our content team's top 8 is sure to awaken the sportsperson slumbering deep inside you.

Do you love sport as much as your devices? Us too! And to prove it to you, here are the 8 best sports video games as chosen by our content team. Whether the action takes place entirely on screen or spills out into your living room, there's something to suit absolutely every taste! 

The 8 best sports video games

The most artistic: just dance

Which consoles? Nintendo Switch, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 depending on the version.

Whether you're a dance novice or a total pro, Just Dance is the must-have sports video game. Simply watch what the characters on screen are doing and copy it IRL (that's "in real life", in case you didn't know, but it's obviously so much cooler to shorten it). The routines are really varied, the tunes are great fun and they change based on the year's biggest hits, so there's something for everyone… Basically, Just Dance is sure to get you out of your chair and boogying on down to the sweetest beats and latest hits!

The 8 best sports video games

The most legendary: tekken™

Which consoles? PS4 for Tekken 7, and older consoles for the previous versions of the game.

Merely mentioning this fighting game brings back all sorts of memories… Its impressive graphics (for the time at least – the first version came out on PlayStation in 1994), its later versions that were just as brilliant as they were varied, and its vengeful characters have made Tekken a real gem of a fighting game. Challenge yourself against friends and family too for a really tense battle!

The most classic: nintendo switch™ sports and ring fit adventure

Which consoles? Nintendo Switch.

Inspired by its forerunner Wii Sports (can you believe it was released way back in 2006?), Nintendo Switch Sports is a video game that will actually get you working up a sweat through a range of different sports. You can choose from football, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, and even chambara! It's a great way to try out some different sports and, who knows, maybe you'll even want to give them a go in real life too. Ring Fit Adventure, on Nintendo Switch, is very much in the same vein.

The 8 best sports video games

The most cardio: zwift 

Which consoles? PC, tablet, smartphone.

This is one for the experts. This sports simulation video game brings your bike ride into your living room (or bedroom, or private gym – we don't know your set-up) through an immersive experience that drops you right in the middle of a cycling race. You can train and push your performances on both the flat and hills.

Good to know: the equipment needed for this game is a bit more pricey, so it's not suitable for all budgets.

The 8 best sports video games

The most eco: beyond blue 

Which consoles? PC, PS4, Xbox One.

At a time of major debate about the state of our beautiful blue planet, enter Mirai, an underwater researcher who explores the depths to study their flora and fauna. You'll have to make important decisions to save the oceans and limit the impact of human beings. It's a great chance to build your environmental awareness and awaken your appetite for scuba diving!

The most intellectual: 

Which consoles? PC and smartphone.

Anyone who says that chess isn't a sport is just plain wrong, as it has officially been recognised as a sport since 2000. In France, the official federation even signed a public service contract with the sports ministry last March. It may well be a sport of the mind, but it's still a sport! So if you want to give your brain a workout, head over to or the app of the same name. Strong skills and tactics will serve you well in chess, and training virtually is a great way to develop both of these.

The most sociable: mario kart™

Which consoles? Nintendo Switch, GameCube, Wii U or Nintendo 3DS depending on the version.

It's a sports video game, honest! Ok, so maybe it's a bit more of a racing game with colourful characters, but those little cars and the set-up of the track are so reminiscent of go-kart racing that we felt we could get away with including it in this list (and if you don't agree, you're welcome to argue with me, but I've been playing Mario Kart for 29 years and have two big brothers who taught me how to play who'll back me up). Honestly though, this game is a great way to spend time with friends and family, create a sense of team spirit and drum up a bit of healthy rivalry.

The 8 best sports video games

The content team's top pick: fifa

Which consoles? PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

A favourite with our content team and many other gamers throughout the world, the EA Sports™ (don't lie, we know you read that in the voice) FIFA franchise came out on top in our ranking of the best sports video games according to our sports content-writing team. That said, we've not yet organised an in-house tournament to figure out which of our team is the king or queen of FIFA…  Anyone fancy a game?

But are video games even a sport?

Good question! Some say yes, others say no. In reality, the answer is nuanced. If you're talking about Esports, find out more here. If you're talking about full-on sport, then it's exergaming or gamercise that you should look into.

The 8 best sports video games


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