The benefits of team sports

The benefits of team sports

What are the benefits and advantages of team sports? 
Which sport should you choose?

Do you want to practice a sport but find the idea of going it alone demotivating? Why not try a team sport?

Why play a team sport?

When playing a team sport, players share a common goal: victory! Every player has an important role. No matter your strengths, a close-knit team will help you win. Teammates support, motivate and encourage each other.
Team sports make it easier to grow and gain self confidence. Evolving within a community helps build relationships and break down numerous barriers. Because whether you play on a pitch or court, you are sure to grow into your role as a teammate. Everyday introverts can become leaders on the pitch. 
If you're still on the fence about playing a team sport, remind yourself that the benefits will be felt in your daily life. You will develop new skills, a more confident personality, an improved capacity for listening and communicating, and that's without even mentioning the numerous health benefits!

What are the advantages of team sports?

The benefits of a team sport are both physical and mental. We all know that team sports can help you stay in shape, lose weight and gain strength while also improving your blood flow and heart health. Your physical health is just as important as your mental health! That's why team sports are a comprehensive and effective activity on both fronts.

As for mental health, being in a close-knit team can boost your motivation. If you ever start feeling down and like you want to give up, there's always a teammate ready to raise your spirits. A team sport requires each player to play a precise role, and by finding your role, you will grow and gain self confidence. Most team sports require a high level of energy and are a good way to unwind after a busy day. Group cohesion, team spirit, understanding and adaptation between the roles of each players also have an effect on the psyche! They help you develop stress management skills while levelling out your moods and improving your overall well-being.

Team sports can benefit both kids and adults. There is no age limit for playing a game and having fun. Playing with a team is bound to lead to lots of laughs. And we all know that laughter is the best medicine! (And good for your abs too.)

What are the physical benefits of team sports?

While the advantages and health benefits of group sports, and exercise in general, are numerous, let's focus on what team sports can provide.
Whether you're making a pass or sprinting to score points, team sports keep you moving and in doing so, they develop your cardio-respiratory capacity.

Team sports are excellent for toning your entire body thanks to their varied footwork and use of balls and other accessories. Being toned, also means you have more muscles, less fat and improved blood circulation, which all adds up to better overall health.
The reflexes you need to play team sports develop your cognitive system and coordination.

The benefits of team sports for children

Group sports offer a multitude of pedagogical benefits for kids. Personal development, self confidence, social skills, responsibility, communication, fair play and unwavering determination.
The advantage is that there are several team sports, so if they get tired with their first choice, they can always move on to the next! Depending on a child's energy level, their artistic streak, their willingness to push their limits and their shyness, they might find basketball to their taste!

If your child prefers to stand on the sidelines during school sports or if they don't feel as skilled as their friends, it's not that sports aren't for them, they just haven't found THEIR sport. ;)

The benefits of team sports

Picking a team sport

At the top of the list of the best-known team sports is football, which many fans are sure to enjoy! But there's also handball, American football, volleyball, basketball, water polo and so much more.
If you want to play a lesser known team sport that is just as fun as the rest, you can try floorball, kabbadi, slamball, kin-ball and sepak takraw.

There are several types of group sports: those played with a ball (rugby, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, kin-ball), a stick (ice hockey, roller hockey, lacrosse) or even a flying disc like Ultimate.

If, however, you have physical constraints like joint pain, back pain, a particular condition or a handicap, keep in mind that many sports are accessible to a wider public. For example, gentle yoga, swimming and aquabike are all ways to exercise gently. They give you an opportunity to meet people, gain strength, relax and improve your physical health without risking injury.

By trying different sports, you are sure to find the one that suits you best. There are many team sports,but their values are the same, sharing, group cohesion and fun. Certain ones will require more endurance or even skill than others.

Not sure which sport to pick?try a session with decathlon activities. 

Before signing up for a sports club or association, you can always try out a few to ensure you're happy with your choice.
Decathlon Activities lets you book sessions for all types of sports! Dancing, judo and even Ultimate, you can try them all!

The benefits of team sports

The decathlon conseilsport team

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