The good things about being a substitute

The good things about being a substitute

You've trained well the whole week but then comes disappointment when the coach names their team for the weekend: you haven't made the starting line-up.

You're on the bench? Don't worry about it! You're still going to play a decisive role. We're going to tell you why you can still be a winner in the end.

The good things about being a substitute

Motivate the team by helping your keeper warm up

When you're on the bench, you can still do your bit for the team by warming up with the keeper and helping them prepare for the match. You'll make sure they're in the right frame of mind. And you'll find the right words so they can get their head in the game.

You'll also encourage your team-mates as they warm up and get everyone pumped up and ready for the challenge ahead.

The good things about being a substitute

Analyse the opposition and prepare yourself

You take the time to assess the opposition and analyse their strengths and weaknesses.

You prepare yourself mentally and think about what you can bring to the team when the coach decides to bring you on and gives you their last-minute instructions.

Make sure you drink lots of water when you're on the bench. Your body is going to need it.

It's time to warm up and prepare to make an impact. Be ready! Your team is banking on you!

The good things about being a substitute

Your fresh legs can make all the difference

Your team-mates are starting to tire but you're full of energy as you come on to the pitch. You need to make your fresh legs count and/or put your coach's instructions into practice by restoring the balance of the team. You have the vision and skill to play the right passes and/or break through the opposition lines and help your team win.

Be a matchwinner for your team by scoring a goal or setting one up and you can earn a reputation as a supersub. It could put you on the way to becoming an undisputed first-choice player one day. You're a competitor and that is, after all, your number-one objective.

Something to bear in mind when you're a sub: it's better to play well for 30 minutes than badly for 90.

Anthony Dodd

Anthony dodd

Decathlon carcassonne store leader:

I started football at the age of 6, I was part of the Jeunes Aiglons of Nice, and so was lucky enough to participate in 2 national finals in 2002 with the OGCN (Gambardella and the French championship). What a great team adventure, in spite of the two defeats!

After a year with the pro reserve, I continued to enjoy crossing the pitches of the PACA region, with 2 titles in hand (in 2007 and 2010).

After 20 years of membership, I still play football - mostly in 5- or 7-a-side, or in the garden with my kids!

My guilty pleasure: as a Liverpool FC supporter, "You'll never walk alone"!

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