The most popular sports for young people

The most popular sports for young people

If sports are popular among young people, it is because they are a means of getting together and feeling free.

But do you know which sports are particular favourites? 

Doing sport helps people develop within a group, meet new faces and create memories, while enjoying exciting sport events means sharing moments rich in emotions.

In short, it is well known that sport forms social bonds.

Team sports

Basketball, handball, volleyball and, of course, football... All team sports which have many fans among your people. And for good reason! These sports provide fulfilment and socialisation, while teaching our children to grow and develop within a group.

On the other hand, they often need minimal investment, which makes them accessible and often practised in playgrounds, streets or parks.

Focus on football, a sport that crosses generational boundaries

Although football is not the most practised sport by young people in clubs, it is extremely popular. While not all young people are members of a club, there are thousands who play in their playground.

Similarly, teenagers love getting together to watch matches during major competitions. It is therefore a sport that attracts young people, but also every generation, since matches are shown on TV, a medium which has remained essential for sport.

Basketball and rugby, sports with strong values

Young people particularly enjoy basketball and rugby. The fames of certain sportsmen and women has raised the popularity of these sports over the last few years, and the values embodied by these disciplines, such as respect, sharing and perseverance, seem to be striking a chord among the younger generations.

The most popular sports for young people

Board sports

Young people are also big fans of scooters, skateboards, roller-skating and board sports on water. Constantly evolving, these sports are getting increasing recognition from the most significant sports associations. 

Young people particularly enjoy the sensations derived from these challenging disciplines, which require a great deal of perseverance.

Racket sports

Tennis is a sport which has may young members, while table tennis and badminton are often practised at school, when there is no opportunity to play in gardens and local parks. 

Racket sports are fun and enable young people to exert themselves effectively and develop their competitive sense while having fun.

The most popular sports for young people

Martial arts and combat sports

Combat sports and martial arts are becoming more and more popular among young people. Each discipline requires different abilities, which means every young person can find a sport that fits them like a glove (or rather a kimono).

The strong values inculcated through judo, for example, such as courage, helping one another and honour, also find favour among parents.

The most practised and most appreciated sports for young people vary and meet different needs.
If you are looking for some ideas for sports for your children, read these other tips, which will give you various avenues to explore.

And above all, talk about it together. The key to a successful experience when it comes to sport is eagerness!

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