Viralto the art of Football


A piece of music that sends shivers down your spine, a perfect first touch that brings the crowd to its feet, a perfectly executed ballet tip, a perfectly mastered foot strike, a painter's brushstroke that brings a work of art to life...

What do all these things have in common ? The grace of the gesture ! Because yes, football can also be an art.

The Viralto range is made for those players who appreciate and practice the ART OF FOOTBALL.
Are you sensitive to the art of the beautiful gesture and do you think that football should also be aesthetic ? The Viralto range is made for you !

Unique comfort
for football
Unique comfort
for football

Viralto 3 Viralto 3

ADVANTAGES of Viralto III shoes

Just as a painter needs his palette of colors to create his work... Discover the whole technical palette that is hidden inside the Viralto III.

  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Contact
  • Grip

Unique comfort for football maestros

To be able to express your art at its best on the pitch, you need to be as comfortable as possible.
ust as a pianist needs a well-tuned instrument to play a quality piece, a football player also needs to have shoes that he feels comfortable in to express his game at its best.

With its 3D AIR MESH upper on the forefoot, its foam and suede reinforcements in the heel, its preformed insole with poron® pads, its anti-irritation coating, not to mention its latest generation KNIT collar, which is very elastic and guarantees a good fit, the Viralto offers you unparalleled comfort

Confort Foam reinforcements
and Knit collar
3D stem
Air Mesh
Inner sole
and Poron® Pads

Because the Viralto player is elusive on the field…

Changes of direction, restarts, crazy runs and playing between the lines... All this sums up your activity on the field? Another sign that Viralto is the shoe for you !

Thanks to the FLEX-H technology, the front of the shoe deforms according to your movements for a better adaptation of the shoe. The DUAL-HARDNESS also provides flexibility and support.

Flexibilté Flexibilté

A maximum of sensations to express your art at best.

Do you need to feel the ball as much as possible when you are on the pitch ? It's hard to be as accurate as a painter creating his canvas with ultra-precise brushstrokes in safety shoes !

SOn the Viralto, the main contact area with the ball has been increased by asymmetrical lace axis. This is called the OPTIMAL STRIKE ZONE. The axis has been shifted outwards by 10°C, guaranteeing an optimal control, passing and striking zone.


Express your art on all terrains

To keep up with your movements on the pitch, it is essential to wear a shoe with the best possible grip.
Safe Care : We worked with a podiatrist who is an expert in professional football to ensure that the shoe performs well. He helped us to determine the positioning, shape and number of studs.

The VIRALTO is available in 4 soles :

  • TF (Turf or Stabilised) : rubber sole for hard synthetic pitches or shale.
  • FG (Firm Ground) : the famous "moulded" TPU studs for natural and synthetic turf.
  • MG (Mix Ground) : hollow studs, more suitable for mixed grounds
  • SG (Soft Ground) : for soft and muddy ground, with a hybrid sole with 6 screwed studs.


Who are you ?



We worked with several local artists during the filming of the presentation video for the new Viralto range.
The idea of the film, as you will have understood, was to highlight the parallel between football and art. And for this, what better way than to call on real artists.

The film's music was specially composed by Jelly Bean, a northern pop band.

The film highlights the parallel between football and painting. Kipsta chose the artist XYRO to create a custom-made work for him. Several shots of the painter creating his work appear in the video.

A dance troupe also created a choreography especially for the occasion, with movements that are also reminiscent of football gestures.

Discover their story here