Why play football?

Why play football?

Protect one's own defence, carry out the team's game plan, dictate the game's tempo, etc. The central defender's job has many facets. A brief summary of the qualities required of a good number 6.

An affordable sport 

Every time a major international competition rolls around, our TV screens are plastered with images of kids playing football on makeshift pitches, sometimes even without shoes - proof that football is an incredibly popular sport. And playing it doesn't need a huge investment. Of course, you'll need the right kit if you're going to play in competitions (if you want to find out more, I recommend reading "how to kit yourself out for football" in the advice section of the Kipsta website), but it's still a very affordable sport. 


Why play football?

Football for socialisation

Football is a team sport where you end up rubbing shoulders with people from all walks of life. Just like school, football teaches you how to function as a part of society. 

As a member of a team, you'll develop a sense of team spirit and a drive to do your best for your team mates (or at least, most people will! A few never quite seem to grasp this concept, but that's a different kettle of fish...). 

Why play football?

It keeps you in shape!

Doing football helps keep you fit. It's a strongly cardio-based activity that uses all sorts of muscles, and not just those in the lower body! Your abs, for example, are really put through their paces during a match. If you're the kind of person who can't see yourself running simply for the sake of running as far as possible, football is a good alternative that keeps you fit while having fun. 

It's also a chance for adults to let off steam after a hard day's work, and kids to channel their boundless energy.     


Why play football?

Football, a way of life

Football teaches you values such as pushing your limits, working hard, healthy competition, and discipline. I'm sure anyone who finished one man down last weekend and had to really dig in to keep the score unchanged until the final whistle will know what I'm talking about! 

And more often than not, those values we develop as footballers accompany us through our personal development and prove to be very positive! 


A conversation starter with your in-laws! 

It's the big day: you're going to meet your girlfriend's parents for the first time, or you're going to your father-in-law's for Sunday lunch, but you're short on topics of conversation. I recommend opting for football. From your favourite team's latest results to your country's wins during the last World Cup, everyone's got an opinion about this glorious sport and it's sure to break the ice. 


Sofiane boumezbar

Kipsta communication manager:

I've been passionate about football since I was a kid, and played with a club for several years. During my career, I was never afraid to attack the opponent's goal. I started out as a right/left midfielder before switching to playmaker and then striker. Nowadays I play with friends and colleagues, and still watch all the football I can. 

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