Playing well and performing

Playing well and performing

How to bring out the captain in you. How to be a better defensive midfielder. We've got some advice for you on how to be a better player and a better team-mate too.

Football is a high-profile sport that attracts more fans than players. But no matter whether you’re watching the game or playing it, you need to understand all its intricacies to experience its emotions to the full. That’s why you need to know how to play football well. You’ll find the topics and the tips you need to be a better player and team-mate right here.

Settling in with your new team

teammate football

Football: what makes a good team player?

"I'd like to play with him. He's a good teammate..." Has anyone ever said that about you in your football team?We tell you the three things you need to become a good teammate on and off the pitch.

egos players

How to handle your players' egos after a match

Win or lose, when you're a football coach, you have to learn how to handle your players and their egos on a day-to-day basis. We have three pieces of advice that will help you keep team spirit intact.

provocation football

How to avoid being provoked on the pitch.

When you're a striker, provocation is something you have to deal with in pretty much every game.

football positions

What are the advantages of playing in different positions?

Forward, defensive midfielder, wide midfielder, central defender, full back ... there are so many positions and roles to play in football and, with them, opportunities to develop as a playerWe reveal all the benefits that footballers can reap from playing in different positions.

All the positions in football


Playing football is great fun. Even better is to be able to play in the position where you can best express your particular abilities! A lot of players start playing in one position and transition into others over the years. Do you know which position is best for you?

advantages substitute

The good things about being a substitute

You’re gutted! You're on the bench for the next game or, even worse, you haven't even made the squad. Don't panic! We show you the advantages of being a sub and how to come out stronger.

football captain

What makes you a good captain?

What I'm not going to do here is state the obvious and tell you, "To play football you need a ball, boots, shorts, etc."If I did, you might be tempted to say something like, "What a genius. You need a ball to play football? I'd never have guessed.Don't worry! I've got other things to share with you and I hope they'll be useful for you.

veterans football

Playing football after you've turned 35

So you're a footballer, your 35th birthday is approaching fast, and you've got no intention of giving up the game you love? Here are our five tips on how to continue living out your passion and enjoying yourself on the pitch.


How to be a good football coach

Coaching a football team is no easy task. Looking for some advice on how to improve as a coach and keep your job for more than three months? Then stay right here because I've got just what you need.


How to improve your vision on the pitch

Ever tried to play a pass or control the ball without looking at what's around you? Take a look and nine times out of ten you'll be able to run forward, play the ball first time or shield it from an opponent. Want to know everything you need to know about vision, giving yourself more time on the ball and helping your team to win? Then this is the article for you.

How to improve yourself according to your position in the team


Keys to success as a wing-back

Long seen as one of those positions no one wanted to play in, wing-backs are becoming more and more important in the modern game. Wing-backs have to both attack and defend, which means they are often the players who make a difference for their team.

kipsta defensive midfielder

How to be a better defensive midfielder

Are you a defensive midfielder?Your aim: to stop the opposition from scoring or force them to make a mistake. We have some tips for you on how to improve your defensive skills and excel in the position.


Football: how to become a goal machine

Scoring goals is what football is all about. "Oh, really?" I hear you say. "This guy's a genius!" Want to improve your stats and become your team's number one goalscorer? I've got some advice to share with you.


Right/left-sided midfielder: how to get your positioning right on the pitch?

Are you a wide midfielder? We unlock the secrets of the position, your attributes and the skills you need to play in this position for your team.

football defender

How to be a good defender

When you play in defence your aim is to stop the opposition from scoring or to force them to make mistakes.Check out our advice on how to be a good defender

football goalkeeper

Four tips on how to save a penalty

So you're a goalkeeper. Want some advice on how to save penalties? Here are four top tips that will help you improve and become the best keeper at your club.


Goalkeeper: a unique position

There's no other position like it in football. An essential but isolated figure on the pitch, goalkeepers are often seen as special and unique. But how do you spot a good goalkeeper?


What to do when your keeper's sent off and you need someone to play in goal.

Your keeper's just seen red. She's off! It's a situation you've no doubt faced before. We tell you how to find the right replacement and avoid a heavy defeat.