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Try out our football programmes on Decathlon Coach

We have developed the DECATHLON COACH app so that sportspeople can follow training programmes put together by qualified coaches. The app offers specific football training programmes complete with individual coaching sessions that allow you to develop your game.

Decathlon Coach Football

The DECATHLON COACH app featured the following :

training programmes forgetting started, working on your game or just losing weight along with training sessions that are ready for you to use and professional advice that aims to bring out the best in you.

Decathlon Coach Football

Click on the Programmes tab to access:

- a programme for preparing for your season.
- the "Managing the Close Season" programme will be available in September.

Click on the Training Sessions tab to access:

- running and circuit training sessions.
- interval and strength training sessions.

Click on the Pro Advice tab to access:

before, during and after the game and on buying the right gear.


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Decathlon Coach Football