Good resolutions for a footballer

Good resolutions for a footballer 

It's here, the new year has finally arrived. 2019 will be the year! More sport, more family, more focus on work...That's great and all, but don't forget the most important thing: football. Here you'll find a few ways to strengthen your relationship with the ball, there's not a second to lose!  


Pay attention to women's football

2018 saw France add a second star to its kit. But did you know that 2019 will be the opportunity for the French team to enter into the history books a second time?From 7th June to 7th July, the women's world cup will take place in...France! And if the tricolour team wins this competition, it will be the first time in football history that the men's and women's teams from the same country will be world champions at the same time. Another great reason to pay careful attention to the competition!

It will also be an opportunity to discover a quickly growing area of football. Women are becoming more and more interested in football and playing in growing numbers, making their discipline a real event that we look forward to watching this summer.



Watch more football

You've watched football on the weekend for years. But the big problem is that you're mostly watching it through a screen. There's nothing wrong with being passionate from your living room.

But why not put on your shoes, call your friends, and head towards the nearest Futsal centre or the nearest pitch. We recommend adding a little structure to help make it a regular thing: create a Facebook group or set up a group chat with reliable friends (we all know the one who says they're ill 5 minutes before the start of a match), and keep it active. You'll see that football on the weekend will quickly become a habit.


Try taking your favourite sport a little less seriously

"Football isn't a question of life or death, it's much more than that". This famous quote is supposed to have been made by Bill Shankly, the Scottish football player and trainer (particularly known for leading Liverpool for fifteen years). And while we agree that football is the best sport in the world, sometimes we need to know when to take a step back.

And is it really necessary to rush to leave a family meal because you've been on bad terms with your cousin since the last football tournament? No. So this year, when you feel the pressure mount when it comes to your favourite team or player, take a deep breath, smile, and change the subject. Everyone will be a winner!

The entire Kipsta team wishes you a wonderful 2019 full of happiness, success, and of course, football!


Martin Mahieux

This article was co-written with:

Martin mahieux, kipsta community manager

I started playing football when I was 5, and I played on pitches in the Nord region of France with the green of the Stade Lezennois and US Lesquin (where I discovered the true club spirit).

My game is based around one single thing: my left foot. I played in several different positions, moving from attack to defence over the years.


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