Doing a short pass

Hitting a long pass

Hitting a long pass without it being intercepted can be hard. Our video will show you how to flight the ball through the air and pick out your team-mate from a distance.

Doing a pass

Unless you're playing in a stairwell, or not passing at all, the long, high pass is a football staple.

It lets you quickly send the ball a long distance while reducing the risk of it being intercepted. Whether you want to learn the basics of football or work on your long passes ahead of your next match, check out our video.

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Video transcript:

A long pass lets you send the ball to a team-mate who is a long way from you. To reduce the risk of the ball being intercepted by the opposition, long passes need to go overhead.

To do a long pass, position your non-kicking foot 20 cm from the ball. If you kick with your left foot, place your right foot to the right of the ball. If you kick with your right foot, place your left foot to the left of the ball.

To avoid lowering morale - and conceding a goal - you need to lift the ball into the air where it can't be intercepted. To do this, kick the lower part of the ball with the top inside of your foot. To give the ball as much height as possible, your studs should brush the ground during your swing.

Keep your kicking leg straight as you kick the ball since this will give it more power.

And because your team-mates might still need you after your long pass, extend the opposite arm to your kicking foot, moving it away from your body. This will help you stay balanced when kicking.


You now know how to do a long pass. Time to go send some perfect shots to your team-mates at the other end of the pitch, or maybe check out our video on how to do a cross.

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