Sidefooting the ball

Want to strike the ball better with the side of your foot? Brush up your skills with our video on sidefooting and you'll be stroking the ball home in no time.

Scoring with a side-foot
Scoring a goal

inside kicks are more reliable!

You've probably heard this phrase over and over during training sessions. And for good reason: sidefooting the ball is a fundamental football skill. It's both a foundational and classic move. Which is good, because we never get tired of classics. If you're a beginner and want to learn the technique or if you're a seasoned player and just want to review the basics, we'll go over it with you.

Goal-scoring technique: sidefooting | Football

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Video transcription:

A kick using the inside of the foot is very precise and, while less powerful than an instep kick, is easier to shoot in. You can use this kick when you are close to the goal. You'll find it much easier to hit your target.

Now that you understand how vital this move is to strikers, let's focus on the technique you need to do it right:

The “side” we're referring to here is the inside of the foot, which is the same part you'll use for a short pass.

To kick with the inside of the foot and leave the goalkeeper grasping in the air, place your foot 20 cm to the side of the ball.

Simply put, the standing foot is the foot not kicking. So if you're aiming at the top corner with your right foot, place your standing foot (the left) about 20 cm to the left of the ball.

Then kick the middle of the ball with the side of your foot: keeping your foot parallel to the ground and the side of your foot perpendicular to your target.

Now that you've learned this skill, here are a few key tips to give your shot the accuracy and power needed to make you a serious threat on the field. After all, that's why you're here.

- Improve your aim by turning your standing foot and shoulders towards your target. This way, the ball follows the direction of your body and prevents you from shooting into the centre of the goal when you meant to go down the line.

- Stay light on your feet: bend both legs when shooting, with your standing foot pointing straight ahead and your kicking foot out to the side.


Now you're ready to finesse an accurate shot right into the goal and, preferably, out of the goalkeeper’s reach. Check out the next video to master powerful shots!

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