Fitness training for football

Fitness training for football

We've got some examples for you of fitness drills you can do pre-season and over the winter break and for working on your speed and explosiveness throughout the year.

Football is a team sport in which players call on their technical and coordination skills. 
Getting your fitness levels right for football involves a lot of training and drills with and without the ball so that you can last the pace over the course of a match and a whole season.

Our advice for staying in shape during the close season and midwinter break


Managing the close season

This is a vital period in terms of the season ahead and it needs to be managed properly. The way you approach it will depend on the standard of football you play. The model I'm going to propose to you is for amateur football (league/district).


Staying in shape during the football layoff

How have the last few weeks been for you in terms of sport? You'll no doubt have been exercising in a different way or not as much. With training sessions on hold and gyms closed, sticking at it has not been easy.

Our training drills and programmes for building up your muscles and cardio fitness


Five-minutecardio session for football

With football about to resume, are you looking to work on your cardio fitness without it taking up too much time? Got five minutes to spare to develop your cardiovascular capacity?Here's my cardio routine for the layoff period.