Shooting with the instep

So you want to shoot from a distance? In this video we'll show you how to strike the ball with your instep so you can score from long range.

Scoring with a side-foot
Shooting with the instep


The instep drive is a powerful shot that makes you feel great...when it goes in. It's all in the fine details when it comes to powerful kicks. Whether you're a beginner and want to perfect your technique or if you just need to go over the fundamentals after shooting into the crowd all throughout your last match, we'll explain how to expand your scoring range with an instep shot.

Goal-scoring technique: instep kick | Football

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Video transcription:

The goal of the instep drive is to surprise the goalkeeper with a powerful shot . You can use this technique when striking from a distance, like when you're outside of the penalty box.

Send a solid shot to the goal by hitting with your instep, which is the top of the foot where your laces are. We hope that, for several reasons, you aren't reading about this exercise during an après-ski session.

So how do you start scoring from a distance? Place your standing foot, which is the one you're not shooting with, 20 cm to the side of the ball. Then hit the centre of the ball with your instep.

Your shot will lose power if you hit the side of the ball, making it much less effective. If you hit too low, it will go over the crossbar and will end up far behind the goal.

Make sure your shot goes in by keeping your kicking leg tense and your ankle firm when shooting. When aiming, turn your chest towards your target and lean forward a bit. If your shoulders aren't facing the goal, you risk missing your shot. If you aren't leaning forward enough, you might accidentally hit a rugby drop kick.

One final tip: tense your abdominal muscles when kicking. You will be better balanced and more powerful. And it will look better in pictures.


Now you know how to hit powerful, long shots with your instep...and also get them in! And if you want to learn how to curl the ball, go to the next video!

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